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Year In Review: 2014’s Top Teeth Moments [Infographic]

2014 is coming to a close – we’re only a few short days away from the New Year. There were some significant smile-centric stories this year – in popular culture, the dentistry world and everything in between! Let’s take a look back at 2014’s top teeth moments.  

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Improvements in Dental Technology

Did you know that people have been driving cars longer than they’ve been using an effective toothbrush? According to the American Dental Association, the first nylon-bristle toothbrush wasn’t sold until 1938. Surprisingly, the Ford Model T—one of the first mass-produced automobiles—was sold 30 years prior. Cars are more computerized now, but automakers use the same […]

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The Facts About Dental X-rays [Infographic]

Did you know that the X-ray was discovered on November 8, 1895 when Wilhelm Rontgen discovered the treated cardboard he was using in routine experiments glowed in certain situations? Two weeks later, he took the first picture using X-rays: the bones in his wife’s hand. Today X-rays are an important tool for dental treatment because […]

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Trend Watch: Oil Pulling for Better Dental Health

You may have first heard of oil pulling via Facebook or Pinterest. Indeed, the whole Internet is buzzing about the latest natural health craze. But exactly what is oil pulling, how safe is it and does it actually work? What is oil pulling? Originating in India, oil pulling is an ancient Ayurvedic practice that involves […]

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Toothpaste Breakdown: Common Ingredients & How They Clean Your Teeth

Toothpaste has been around longer than you might think. Ancient civilizations learned that a mixture of ashes, burnt eggshells and pumice yielded a powder that can be used to clean teeth. Modern toothpaste does not contain any of the original ingredients (thank goodness!), but how many of you actually know what makes up the concoction […]

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Before the Modern Toothbrush

Knee-deep in the world of X-box and iPhones, it’s hard to imagine a time before the conveniences of modern technology, let alone a time when the simplest of inventions weren’t commercially available. Interestingly enough, a 2003 survey conducted by Lemelson-MIT found that technologically advanced items like cars, computers or our beloved iPhones lag in importance when compared […]

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Despite the popular story, George Washington didn’t really have wooden teeth.

Our Forefathers Didn’t Floss: Presidential Tooth Tales

In honor of Independence Day, we thought we’d look back at a time when our nation’s leaders didn’t exactly have regular checkups or dental insurance. Despite the popular story, George Washington didn’t really have wooden teeth. What he did have, however, were a variety of dentures made of everything from hippopotamus ivory to gold. One thing is […]

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