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Ax Dental Anxiety with Music

If the thought of visiting the dentist for your bi-annual checkup makes you break out in hives, you’re not alone. Dental phobia is a common ailment and the degree of your anxiety will vary based on previous experiences and the current health of your teeth. While there are may ways to ease your fear of […]

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How is Nitrous Oxide Used in Dental Procedures?

Nitrous oxide sounds like something a chemist—not a dentist—would use on a daily basis. Surprisingly, it was a dentist who found that this special mix of molecules can be used in medical applications. In 1844, Horace Wells performed a dental extraction on a patient who had been treated with nitrous oxide for the first time. […]

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Why Do Dental Offices Smell So Clean?

Fresh cut grass and springtime. Burning wood and summer camp. Mothballs and your great-grandmother. Certain scents seem to evoke strong emotional memories — a phenomenon psychologists have long referred to as the “Proust effect” after the writer Marcel Proust, who first described the connection between scent and recollection. When you think of your last visit to […]

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Help your child get over his fear of the dentist!

Does Your Child Dread the Dentist? 5 Tips to Ease Your Kid’s Fear

Fear is a basic survival mechanism that everyone is born with. It is what we are afraid of that is absorbed from the environment around us. If you have a crippling fear of the dentist, you may be unconsciously teaching your child to fear the dentist too. Trips to the dentist may include crying and […]

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More than 75 percent of Americans feel anxiety about dental appointments.

Kick Back & Relax: Tips for Overcoming Anxiety in the Dentist’s Office

Curled toes, tight shoulders, grim expression, hands gripped firmly on the arm rests – does that sound like you when you’re at the dentist? If so, you’re not alone – more than 75 percent of Americans feel anxiety about dental appointments. Though most dentist visits don’t exactly feel like a trip to the spa, you […]

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