Celebrate National Smile Month with Your Kids

Celebrate National Smile Month by reinforcing healthy toothbrushing habits together.

Celebrate National Smile Month by practicing healthy toothbrushing habits together.

National Smile Month (June 1-30) is a perfect opportunity to teach your children good oral health habits in a fun way. Some parents might wonder how the words “fun” and “oral health” can be in the same sentence, but with these tricks and tips, your child will enjoy brushing and flossing almost as much as playtime:

  • Trade places – If you’re tired of fighting whenever it’s time to brush those little teeth, why not reverse roles and let your children brush your teeth? It’s fun and teaches them the right way to brush. Just don’t share a toothbrush. Sharing a toothbrush means you’re also sharing the bacteria that causes cavities. Yuck!
  • Get in character – Use fun bathroom decor like robot, superhero or animal-shaped toothbrush holders. Kids like the characters and the holder provides a sanitary storage spot for their toothbrushes and toothpaste.
  • Take turns – Set a timer and have your child brush alone for one minute. Then reset the timer and brush your child’s teeth for the final minute.
  • Call in reinforcements – If your children stubbornly neglect to brush or floss, maybe it’s time to change the messenger. Call the dental office before the next checkup and let their dentist know what’s going on. Kids might be more apt to listen if it comes from a third party, especially the dentist.

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