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Sandi Ernst Perez, Ph.D., joined Delta Dental of Arizona in 2006 and has a dual role as vice president of communications and community benefit. A champion for the mouth-body connection in health and wellness, she runs the charitable Foundation. In her marketing/communication role, she implements the advertising and communications plans for the dental insurance company. Originally from Ohio, she has lived in Arizona since 1992 with her husband, two children (one still in braces) and four rescue dogs. That translates into 296 teeth to take care of!

Recent blog posts written by Sandi Perez

Head and Neck Cancer Can Hurt your Mouth

Cancer: it is a terrifying word when you hear it. The one thing that never entered my mind as I began to battle melanoma, a form of skin cancer, was that my teeth and mouth would also be under siege. After two surgeries and facing radiation and drug treatment, I was wisely referred to my […]

2013 Delta Dental of Arizona Foundation Grantees [Infographic]

Tooth decay is nearly 100% preventable, yet it is the most common chronic disease in children. Thankfully, organizations across the state are working to combat dental disease in children, youth and pregnant mothers. In February, the Delta Dental of Arizona Foundation awarded $450,000 in community grant funding to 37 such organizations. The programs funded by […]

5 Reasons Not to Skip Breakfast

Mom didn’t say that breakfast was the most important meal of the day for nothing. Eating a well-balanced and healthy breakfast is important for so many reasons: Eating breakfast may help you make better food decisions later in the day. It is easier to stay on track for a well-balanced and healthy diet if you start off your […]

DDAZ Foundation Scores a Home Run at Annual Volunteer Appreciation Event

On July 28, the Delta Dental of Arizona Foundation welcomed 145 volunteers and their families to its annual Volunteer Appreciation Day at Chase Field. The day got off to an early start with the gates opening at 11 a.m. After our volunteers filtered in and happy hellos echoed in the air, we hurried to the […]

A child gets a sealant application as part of his school-based dental sealant program funded by the Delta Dental of Arizona Foundation.

Delta Dental of Arizona Foundation Opens Grants Cycle for Oral Health Funding

Are you aware that an estimated 50% of Arizona kindergarteners have untreated tooth decay, often due to limited access to adequate dental services? To help reduce the effects of untreated tooth decay, the Delta Dental of Arizona Foundation is pleased to announce the kick-off of the 2013-14 community grants program. The program provides funding to […]

A Visit to the Dentist for the Autistic Child: Challenging but not Traumatic

Going to the dentist can be hard for any child, but dental visits can be especially difficult for children with autism because of sensory overload. Fear not, parents can help prepare their autistic child for a visit to the dentist! In fact, your skills in planning and preparation have no doubt been sharpened to the […]

Adult Braces: Q&A

Not all of us are lucky enough to have naturally straight teeth. Whether you have one or many teeth out of place, chances are that you have considered braces. Some parents choose to get their children braces during adolescence, however that is rapidly changing. In 2010, the number of adults in braces was up 23% […]

3 Refreshing & Guilt-free Summer Drinks to Try

June in Arizona can be tortuous if you’re not sitting by the pool with an ice-cold drink! Even though a Long Island Ice Tea or Tom Collins might be calling your name, why not try something new and exotic? Your friends will love you and your waistline and teeth will thank you! Farmers Market Margarita […]

Menopause and Your Mouth: How Menopause Affects Women’s Oral Health

Hot flashes and night sweats are two menopause annoyances utilized for comedic relief in TV shows and movies like That 70’s Show and Mrs. Doubtfire. While the comedic dramatizations are chuckle-inducing, there are other serious changes associated with menopause — including problems with your oral health — that are no laughing matter. Research has long […]

Senior Oral Health Care: Some Things Never Change (And Some Do!)

The most common chronic disease during childhood is exactly the same in people ages 65 and older: tooth decay. Nine in 10 people 65 or older have cavities, and 25 percent of those people have decay that has yet to be treated. In fact, 25 percent of people 65 or older haven’t even visited the […]

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