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A Hole New World: The Risks Posed by Piercings

Though some people think lip and tongue piercings are trendy, there’s one thing that will never be in style: chipped teeth, which is just one of the problems that can happen when your mouth is bejeweled. If you’re considering a piercing – or if you have a teen who’s been asking for one – be […]

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Mouth Healthy Recipe: Dark Chocolate Kiwi Pops

These delicious kiwi popsicles are a healthy way to indulge your sweet tooth on a hot Arizona day! Ingredients 6 large kiwis, peeled and cut into rounds that are ⅓” to ½” thick 1 cup dark chocolate chips ¼ cup coconut oil Lollipop sticks Directions Insert a lollipop stick through the edge of each kiwi […]

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Keep Your Smile Healthy During Pregnancy

Congratulations, mommy-to-be! While it may be far from your mind right now, this is a very important time to think about the health of your teeth and mouth. Going to the dentist while you are pregnant is safe. In fact, your mouth may need extra attention during the next several months, as the changes in […]

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5 Tips for Choosing a Dental Benefits Plan for Small Businesses

According to a survey conducted by the National Association of Colleges and Employers, graduating students and alumni rate dental coverage among the top five most important workplace benefits.1 Unfortunately, many small business owners are unsure what to look for when choosing a dental benefits plan. In fact, 90 percent of benefits decision-makers rely on a […]

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Smile Safety Tips for Summer Swimmers

As a former lifeguard with more than 12 years of teaching swim lessons and managing community pools under my belt, er, towel, I’ve seen my share of pool accidents. What many kids—and their parents—don’t realize is that lots of dental emergencies can happen near the swimming pool. Consider these daily scenarios and their risk for […]

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How to Relieve Canker Sores

If you’ve ever had a small, white or gray sore with a red border inside your mouth, you know how painful canker sores can be. Less than one centimeter in diameter, these ulcers often affect the soft areas of the mouth, including the tongue, cheek and lips. Their specific cause is still unknown, but canker […]

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The Pressure Is On – Your Teeth, That Is

Like many people, you might have plans to board an airplane to head somewhere for vacation this summer. If you find your teeth mysteriously aching somewhere between cramming your carry-on in the overhead compartment and tearing open a tiny bag of peanuts, don’t be too alarmed. That ache is probably just barodontalgia, or sometimes referred […]

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Why is Dental Insurance Important?

Looking for ways to keep your family healthy? Eating good food, exercising regularly and scheduling annual exams with the doctor are a good way to start. Buying dental insurance and using your dental benefits is another. Twice annual dental visits keep both your teeth and body healthy. Studies tell us that people with dental benefits […]

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New Research Finds Oral Bacteria in Healthy Placentas, Emphasizes Importance of Good Oral Health During Pregnancy

Once considered a sterile environment, scientists have discovered that a mother’s placenta is no stranger to bacteria. Additionally, research suggests that the bacteria may have originated in the mouth, solidifying the belief that good oral health is crucial to a healthy pregnancy. The placenta, a female reproductive organ responsible for feeding, removing waste, and providing […]

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Trend Watch: Oil Pulling for Better Dental Health

You may have first heard of oil pulling via Facebook or Pinterest. Indeed, the whole Internet is buzzing about the latest natural health craze. But exactly what is oil pulling, how safe is it and does it actually work? What is oil pulling? Originating in India, oil pulling is an ancient Ayurvedic practice that involves […]

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